Inversions 1.0

Posted on 27 Jul 2013 in Workshops | 0 comments

Want to float & fly with grace, but can’t get your feet off the ground?

Come learn the foundations and tap into your inner lift as we explore going upside down!

Inversion Workshop – Who Needs Feet When You Have Hands?
Intrigued by the idea of balancing on your hands but don’t have the time to deeply explore the poses in a regular yoga class?

Then join Jamie Hanson for a workshop dedicated to refining postures such as crow, headstand, handstand and forearm balance. We will warm up the body – and most importantly build the breath and quiet the mind – with a vinyasa style practice, and then, safely and intelligently, work through inversion poses. This is a great class for students who are beginning inversions and want to understand the finer points as well as those students with strong inversion practices who want to deepen their abilities. Variations will be offered.

In this workshop you’ll
• overcome your fear of being upside down
• learn the steps that take you toward balance
• learn to do inversion postures safely
• find some playfulness in your practice