EYTT™ Mentorship Program

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5-week Program

(Can be spread out in any way that serves you and your mentor)

Investment: $450.00

 This program will give you an opportunity to further develop what you learned during the 200-hour training, deepen your knowledge of yoga through personal study, and grow into your own authentic voice under the guidance of an experienced teacher. It will require continued self-study, reflection, and openness to feedback. We hope that this will support your journey to find your authentic voice and a deeper connection to yourself and your future students.

Mentors: Laura Love, Stephanie Leger, Elissa Strutton, Shilah Sarkissian, Golden Traut, Jamie Hanson


  • Asana Practice: You are required to practice one asana class per week with your mentor, if possible.
  • Observation: You will observe your mentor’s class at least two times and briefly discuss afterwards any questions that you have about the sequencing, assists, etc.
  • Private Mentorship Sessions: Each week you will meet with your mentor for a 45 minute discussion session (5 total). These sessions will be structured to outline your personal goals and objectives and to discuss your progress. You may be given assignments (practices, readings, or writing) relevant to your interests.
  • Practice Teaching: You will be required to teach your mentor (and any other individuals you would like to invite) a one-hour asana class, which will give you an opportunity to receive feedback from your mentor. This can be done anywhere that is available to you (park, studio, home, etc.)
  • Homework:
    • In depth posture research. You will choose one posture per week, weeks 2-5 (a total of 4) to do in-depth study on.
    • Create a new (60 minute or longer) sequence each week, each with one of the above postures as your ‘peak’ posture. Mentor will give you feedback on the written sequence. Then, arrange to teach one of these sequences to your mentor and allow time for feedback.

Why do a mentorship program? Here is what one participant has to say about it:

“As a new teacher who just graduated from their YTT program, it can be daunting and intimidating getting a start as a teacher. It definitely was for me, which is why my mentorship program with Laura Love was such an amazing and important experience in my journey as a teacher. I had learned so many new tools and skills in YTT, but still needed time and assistance in working out the kinks and jitters. Laura is an amazing yoga instructor whom has a strong and powerful presence, which is why I jumped on this opportunity to work with her because there is so much to learn from someone like this! Laura patiently observed my practice classes and provided me with feedback, which helped me be more precise with my verbiage and clarity, and also helped me be more comfortable with my voice as teacher. We also discussed readings, which gave me more meaning and depth to the spiritual aspects of yoga. If you are a new teacher and ready to take the next step in continuing your growth and development as teacher, then this mentorship program with Laura is no-brainer!” Carly, 2016 (EYTT Graduate and participant in Pilot Mentorship Program)

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