Aug 8, 2019

Investing in your growth


Change is the only constant. It is inevitable, but growth is optional.

Are you on a growth path? Are you aligning with your deepest desires? 

Visualize your future self. Get into her body and her heart and mind. Who is she? How does she feel? How does she spend time? What do her relationships look like? What work is she doing in the world?

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Howard Thurman

The world doesn’t need....

  • more people who simply are on auto-pilot and living life within the confines of today’s social norms.
  • more people addicted to their screens.
  • more people who are working in jobs that make them unhappy and staying in relationships that make them miserable.
  • more cynics or those who don’t believe that they can make change. 

The world needs people who...

  • are alive and passionate about making this world a better place.
  • see the world as a beautiful place worth preserving.
  • believe they are worth taking care of, worthy of happiness and joy.
  • believe that there is more to life than the mundane. 

Ask yourself this question...what would make me come alive? 

Right now, today, how are you Investing in your future self? Your time? Your money? Your knowledge?

Investing and spending are two different things. When we invest we are making decisions that align with the future self we wish to be. When we spend we are not aligned with our deepest desires and who we wish to become. 

Can you begin to make decisions based on who you want to become rather than on who you have been? Can you presence your future self when you are faced with a choice?

Here is a little exercise to really get clear on how you invest vs. spend.

Presence your current self and ask which investments have really made you who you are in the most proud and integral sense? University? Yoga? Job skills training? Travel? Therapy? Transformational experiences? Body work?

How have these investments impacted how you feel? In your body? In your heart and mind? How have they impacted your relationships? Your work? Your ability to show up with compassion and patience? 

Now, where have you spent money that has not aligned you with your highest self. Do this with curiosity, not judgment. It simply helps us get clear. Some examples from my own life are: Diet Coke (I used to drink it like water). Partying. Alcohol (beer, wine). Peanut butter cups (still my favorite sweet treat). Or maybe it’s clothes, jewelry or make-up. Fad diets or skin creams. 

How did this spending impact how you feel? In your body? In your heart and mind? Your relationships? Your work?

None of this is good or bad. That’s not the point. It’s just a question: is this choice aligned with who you want to become. Is it aligned with your future self?

As you start to visualize and presence your future self the things that have less life force (or are not aligned with the highest version of who you are) start to fall away. 

From this point forward begin to steer your decisions in the direction of who you want your future self to be. 

In your body, your relationships, your skills and knowledge, your energy to be a catalyst for change and evolution in a world that so desperately needs you.

Perhaps there is something you really want to invest in. You know it will change your life. You know that it is in alignment with your deepest desires and who you envision your future self to be. But, old patterns of scarcity show up. There is guilt and shame around investing in yourself.  This is cultural and we all experience it. Can you shift your perspective away from your current self and ask your future self what s/he would do? What is at stake if you stay where you are? What could life be like if you believed you were worth the investment?

You say to yourself: I really want this. I really desire this. 

Then the moment you are going to click the button and say yes to invest in your future self you pause and think, this is going to require my attention, it is going to require me to do some deep internal work and this is going to change my life.

Get clear on what is really worth becoming. What is your deepest desire? Know that there will be some growing pains along the way. A growth path will require an investment in time, energy and money.

What does the present self need to invest in to become this future version of you? What advice would you future self give your present self?

Your future self would tell you to invest in this NOW because it will change your life. We start to make better decisions when we can presence our future self and ask what would s/he do here.

Schedule a FREE coahcing call with me today and we can get you started investing in your future self. More energy. More ease. More joy. A life on purpose. Because you deserve that. 



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