Dec 21, 2019



Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me

I love this song. We sang it in my 7th grade choir concert at Sandburg Middle School. Thanks Mr. Schumacher. At the time I’m not sure I really understood the meaning. 

But, through my daily yoga practice I am now experiencing this first hand. Peace has to begin within each of our bodies (physical, mental/emotional and spiritual). 

The truth is each of us only has so much control over our environments. Beyond that, we only have control over our response to our environment. How we choose to show up is very closely related to our ability to care for our body and create a practice that invites us to be more resilient in the face of the circumstances that we cannot control. 

In yogic philosophy this is santosha. It’s finding contentment in the moment, regardless of the moment. It’s showing gratitude for what is going right instead of wallowing in what is going wrong. It is choosing to find peace in every moment. 

It’s easy to find peace when we are well rested, well cared for, well resourced and connected to people who support us unconditionally. 

But, what happens when we are sick? Or we lose our job, partner, home, community? What happens when we are afraid and overwhelmed by the suffering of the planet and the world around us? What happens when we have people in our lives who rely on us for their very survival? What happens when we are feeling depleted?

How do we find peace in these moments? How do we find peace in a moment in our history that is increasingly unstable, uncertain and divisive? 

Finding peace is not the absence of chaos. This just simply does not exist. Especially in a world where we are inundated with information, opinions, messages, ideas...more stimulation than our nervous systems are capable of handling. 

The world feels unstable. There is unimaginable suffering. So much of it is out of our hands. Although this suffering is not new, we now have access to the information and can see the suffering of others through our screens 24 hours a day. And this on top of our daily responsibilities may be pushing us beyond our capacity to cope. We can see this when we look at the current rates of addiction, depression, anxiety, heart disease, and suicide. As a collective we are not coping well. 

When too much energy is moving through our nervous system we either shut down (this can look like numbing as well) or we explode. So it’s important to notice the signs when we are getting close to our own capacity. 

Some of these signs for me are impatience, judgment, lethargy, apathy and I tend to isolate myself from the people that will notice...and hopefully gently hold me accountable. 

But, what I’ve learned through my yoga practice and my studies and practices of Ayurveda is that we CAN empower ourselves to create more resiliency. By creating daily habits that allow us to reset our physiology and free up space to handle what comes our way. 

Cultivating habits that allow us to thrive instead of simply survive is a way to find peace in your life and hopefully spread it out into our sphere of influence. Realigning our physical body with its natural rhythms can help us find more peace in our mental/emotional body and allows us to find clarity. These 10 habits, based on the wisdom of Ayurveda and yoga have changed my life and are changing the lives of the members of my year-long coaching program Align & Awaken. 

When resistance shows up and I want to rebel against the practices and habits that I know have saved me again and again, it’s helpful to remind myself that these habits are not rules. 

Rather they are tools. Tools to keep me on my path. Tools that allow me to be the best mother I can be. Tools that allow me to show up and hold space for the transformation of my students. Tools that allow me to live a life that is awake rather than asleep, on purpose rather than on auto-pilot. Tools that invite me into a deeper way of living. 

This is the life that I want to live. This is peace. 

I'd love to support you in creating the tools (habits) in your life that will allow you to thrive. To live the life that you wish to live. To find resilience when obstacles are placed in your path. Schedule a FREE coaching call with me today. Together let's get you to a place of peace and ease so that you feel spacious enough to share your unique gifts with the world. 


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