Nov 11, 2019

Which direction will you choose?


What would it look like if you were living fully in integrity with your core values? How do you want to show up? Who do you want to be in this life? Who are you becoming?

If you are on a spiritual growth path you’ve been invited to change. The path of yoga invites you to engage in self-inquiry (svadhyaya). It invites you to become more aware of your thoughts, words, and behaviors and may ask you this gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) question: Is the way I am choosing to live my life in alignment with who I want to be? With how I want to show up? With what I know to be true?

And if not, am I ready to change? 

Anything you do that causes change will create tension. Even if that change feels good to you. There is still tension. Because the outcome is unknown. Because there is fear of failure, fear that the change won’t work, fear that as you change, your relationships will change (to your partner, friends, work, etc.).

In the face of this tension you can choose to alleviate the tension by going the other direction, walking away from the growth path. In other words, you can choose to stay stuck in your old patterns of behavior that keep you where we are. Or you can move forward in the direction of growth. 

Those who choose to take the leap in the direction of growth will be transformed. 

Moving towards growth may mean you read that book. Or you register for a course. Or you find a teacher, coach or therapist. Or you find a community (sangha) to connect with. 

Which direction do you want to choose? 

Once you choose to move forward towards growth and commit to get unstuck there will likely be resistence. Because growth is never linear. It is messy. There will be distractions. There will be competing desires. The mind is really good at making excuses. Check out this blog No more excuses...begin now to dive a little deeper into how our mind finds ways to keep us stuck.

It is, of course, completely normal for resistance to arise when we are on a growth trajectory. So, instead of allowing that resistance to sidetrack your growth simply notice the resistance as it arises. Notice when the mind creates excuses to not engage or keep moving forward.  See this as resistance and come back to your core values. Come back to your big why for committing to this growth path or for making this change in your life. Recognizing resistance for what it is may help you overcome it and show up more fully for yourself and for the collective. 

And when circumstances or challenges do present themselves or life takes a turn that throws you out of balance, commit to progress not perfection. What is the next right action? Break it up into small steps and take action on those steps. Today. Keep moving forward. Even if it is a slow crawl. 

If you want to get some support on your growth path I offer FREE Discovery Calls to troubleshoot what is holding you back. You can schedule a call with me here


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